There was a man who was not educated in the village. He was advised by his father in those old days not to go to school because the white me that came to the village were described by them as Ghosts. Therefore enjoy it was our father’s fault

We have decided and have uploaded here an end time event and the system of how the Beast with seven heads and ten horns were formed. For this update therefore, the first in the series is The first Beast in the formation. From here we go to The Second Beast. Also we move to the  Third and fourth Beasts together to complete the number.

And just as we know that Jesus was crucified, but could we make a definite date when that happened? Or do we continue with the Rome’s acclaimed Good Friday? Since this is not clear to the people, we therefore ask, On what day was Jesus Crucified and how did it agree with good Friday?

About a time in every year, the people of the world begins to honor Jesus in what they call Stopping the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ. They hired soldiers to man his grave so that they could prevent him or possibly shoot at him if he dares to rise. Enjoy Happy risen lord. We have also brought to you the story of two young brothers who never know how to live as brothers, so see As Simon was eating with his brother Steve.

Just as you know that everything today has gone nuclear and online, we are asking if there’s anywhere Online Marriage is taking place in the world. From there we go over to the topic known as The day of the lord. After this we shall see where sabbath started. Many people never know that Sabbath did not start with Israel.

Everywhere in the net people have been hearing and reading about a great topic which terrifies them. Guess what? Some people are teaching about this great topic in a wrong way, the topic is War of Armageddon. And we have decided to write to inform our people not to blame Prophet Jonah so much for his stubornness to God. Many of us have been in one offence or the other and yet God did not kill us at once. See Jonah’s Nineveh Rejection.

But before the war of Armageddon comes the Rapture of the Church, and immediately after the Rapture of the Church comes sealing in the air. And Jesus shall judge the saints in the Judgment Seat of Christ in heaven. One question which many people are asking about is When are names written in the book of life? Again from the book of Rapture we decided to upload the seal Remnants which show us the remaining seals to be opened any moment from now. While we know that we are in the period prophesied as end time, it’s good we have the relevant knowledge. Therefore Prepare for the great Tribulation before Rapture.

Now as Jesus was teaching his disciples about how to pray, he said, when you say, “Our father which art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come.     

In God’s programs, they are programmed into seals. In fact the end time programs are in the seals, this knowledge makes a powerful site. But the seals remaining now are only Four to seven.