This page describes what azekarealblog.org is all about. The site was created to educate the Christian Community on Biblical events and to show quality contents and topics from the Bible, to create the awareness about the second coming of Christ to the Christian world on the truths of Scripture. You can agree with me that we are living in the end time or the last days proper. And most of the events which both our Lord Jesus Christ, and his Prophets and Disciples had taught us that would bring in the end are coming to pass on daily bases.

So if you are heavenly minded you will definitely need where to enrich your soul, just to keep you on till Christ comes or till when Mr death calls one up before his second coming. There I ask you to make yourself a customer of this site and commit yourself also to one of the levels here in other to be enjoying these contents unchallenged.

The growing trend of evil in the world and how people are embracing it call for caution among the saints. Of course sinners call sin enjoyment, daily occurrence of the events of the last days is worrisome.

The Church of Christ should begin to create more awareness about the second coming of Christ as we see these things which was prophesied to happen come to pass daily. I therefore demand that you make this site your friend and partner in progress on the things of God with the relevant knowledge.

But as for quality topics and contents, We assure you that always, keep coming and you will not be disappointed.
The azekareal team.