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What do we mean by the word “Master plan and run down of God’s end time program?” We mean how the master plan of the Beast’s kingdom looks like; because many teachers and preachers are making shipwreck of these end time programs. The master plan here means the plan of how the Beast’s kingdom started and how they were formed. While the rundown of God’s end time program talks about God’s system of operating his seal programs from the Bible, as it was revealed to me for the end, let’s go on. God’s end time programs are written in the seals, and they are opened one after the other, as you can see from Rev. 6-8. These programs are on seal.

Then after that, other program comes from these seals as outlined from the seals. The program of the great tribulation comes first from now with the Beasts in alliance against the Church; the Rapture follows up immediately as Jesus taught. After the Rapture comes the war of Armageddon on the mountains of Israel. There will be cleansing of the land for seven years and seven months, as a result of Soldiers and their weapons killed and destroyed by the Angels of God on the mountains during the war of Armageddon as predicted by Prophet Ezekiel 37-40 and Rev.19:16-20.

While the cleansing of the land is taking place on the mountains and valleys of Israel, the Lord entertains the saints in heaven on the marriage supper. After the cleansing of the land the Lord comes down to rule this world for a thousand years and then dismantle again and wait for Satan’s release from the bottomless Pit Rev.20.

The dream of Nebuchadnezzar or the statue which he saw in Daniel 2 is the master plan of the Beast’s kingdom. How? The master plan of the Beast’s kingdom is the statue which he saw, and which was interpreted to him in parts by Prophet Daniel. You might ask, “How do you think that the statue which king Nebuchadnezzar saw was the master plan of the Beast’s kingdom?” Well, that dream was not for a play, it was properly sent to him as the foundation member of this kingdom. It showcased four successive governments from Babylon to the Iron government of Rome ending the dream.

Well, I will give you the explanation which shall shock you. Do you know or has it entered into your mind that it was the parts of this statue that made up the Beast with seven heads and ten horns? Okay, by the way, do you know that this statue also brought forward about four successive governments into play? From here see what Daniel said in his interpretations.

“Thou saw an image which was excellent and bright. This image stood before thee, and the form of it was terrible. The head of this image was of fine gold, and thou art the Gold Dan.2:38, you are the gold why? The gold kingdom was Babylon in the hands of Nebuchadnezzar. This was the foundation of the teaching on end time event, especially about the Rapture. Don’t go away because this revelation was hidden from the wise and the prudent, but revealed to whom the Lord delights in to show it. This was the foundation of the teaching about Rapture.

Daniel continued and said that after the gold kingdom of Babylon, an inferior kingdom shall arise. This inferior kingdom was the silver kingdom of Persia, which succeeded Babylon Dan.5:30. After gold you see silver, even in the world cup, it is so. This Silver government was “the chest and arms” of the statue Dan.2:39. And it belonged to King Cyrus who assassinated Belshazzar, the last king of Babylon. The next or third part of this statue was the bronze part. After silver the next is bronze. This part was the Bronze kingdom of Greece, which was manned by Alexander the great, see Dan. 2:39, 7:6, 8:1-7,10:20.

Some people never know that Greece was in the scriptures and occupying a serious position. The Grecian kingdom was the third part of the statue, and it was the bronze part. If you could not understand it here, try and get the book of Rapture from me titled “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future” and it will explain all these things in details. Do yourself a favor by getting it with just a token and reading it updates your knowledge.

Yes, many teachers are unable to locate these programs from the scriptures, and it is the reason they say what they like, or what their mind gives them. But follow me in this blog or go to all my sites and update your knowledge about end time events. This will help you to know the truth about this topic very well.

After the Bronze kingdom of Greece in the hands of Alexander, the next in line is the legs of this statue, and it is the Iron kingdom of Rome Dan.2:40. See, now I’m challenging you to read the book of Daniel 2 with these passages above and prove me wrong. But because our teachers and preachers; even your trusted one/s could not see these things from the Bible, it couldn’t make any meaning before them. Just compare what they taught you and what you read from here, let God help you with the truth.

The Roman kingdom of Iron in conjunction with the above mentioned ones give you the Antichrist. The statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream had the four world governments in succession. The book of Rapture gives you the full details of these events. So when we talk about the master plan, we mean the statue that produced the four world governments into the world.

On a beautiful day we were discussing about these things, and I asked one of these teachers this question saying, “How did you form the Beast with seven heads and ten horns?” Hear him “it doesn’t concern me, before the coming of the Beast/antichrist?” “I will be gone in the Rapture”. See, it is not enough to say it doesn’t concern you, but enough to have the requisite knowledge of this event. The Bible requires one with knowledge to count the number of the Beast, for it is the number of a man Rev.13:18. Do you have this knowledge then?

To count this out requires not only wisdom but God’s wisdom and knowledge. Once you are equipped with its knowledge, you will be able to count it and also know who the Antichrist is, and even if he appears now in the world, you will not be terrified because the knowledge of what to do is there with you. But if you don’t have this knowledge at that time, you will think that Christ has finally disappointed you.

So from the master plan we know who or what is the antichrist, and from God’s run down of his programs, we also know what is at stake and what we should do at the time of the Beast/Antichrist. The reason God released these things to me is for you to know them properly. But if you refuse to read about them from my site/s, then I’m not to be blamed and God shall not require any man’s blood from my hands.

Already teachers of the other views had concluded that Rapture occurs before the appearance of the Antichrist. But this is a wrong concept. If it is so why the Beast is called Antichrist? Let’s ask them to define the word “Antichrist”. They define it as one who is against Christ, yes that’s fine. But let them apply it, now they misfire. They interpret it again as one who will appear when the Church had gone. What or who then is the Christ in the world if not the Church? There’s a problem there. Now hear my own definition of Antichrist.

Antichrist is one who is against Christ. One who opposes Christ in many ways? One who hinders the work of Christ? And in interpretation literally, he is the one who will oppose the Church or the saints. This will happen in the world not in heaven. So in the world today, the Christ here is the Church. Of course Christ is in heaven now but the Christ here which the Beast shall be against is the Church, which is the bride of Christ. Yes, because in marriage, a man is the same with his wife and we shall wed with him in heaven as indicated in Rev.19:7-9.

So when a woman is caught or killed, the man is half dead. The inability of the other views to have this knowledge destroys what they believe. From the master plan we find out that these Beasts formed an alliance after killing themselves in their successive and individual governments, yet they will not prevail against the Church.
Although Daniel said “The Horn” or Beast prevailed against the saints Dan. 7:21, what he meant was that the Beast was killing the members of the Church. You must know that killing the members of the Church is not a new thing; neither is it called victory for the Devil. The Apostles fought in that way and prevailed over them. We shall likewise fight the Antichrist and win in the same way. It was the same way your lord fought against them and won them. Why are you afraid to fight the good fight of faith?

I have outlined it out earlier that five world conquerors were seen in the opening of the first seal Rev.6:1-2. This seal said “Conquering and to conquer”. Each of these Beasts conquered their opponents and Jesus conquered all of them. In seal 2, the Church was born, read about it in the book of Rapture and see how it happened. In seal 3, Nation was born and that was Israel in 1948. Now in seal 4 what will happen? The Beast or Antichrist has already been formed and they shall come out from the Bottomless Pit where they are now, and enter the world for their war against the Church. Seal four brings in the Antichrist, it’s coming next from now.

In the fifth seal there shall be tribulation against the Church. Here is the problem of other views, because they interpret tribulation as the wrath of God, no this is wrong. Tribulation is against the Church while the wrath of God is against the Beast/Antichrist with the ungodly world. Yes, Satan’s tribulation is also wrath in Rev.12:12, and in seal no 4 Rev.6:7-8, but it is different from God’s wrath in Rev.8. They are not in the same seal. If you look at the “seal Remnants four to seven” in this site, you will see it. Satan’s wrath is tribulation against the Church and it occurs before the Rapture, the seal Remnants shows it better.

But God’s own wrath shall be towards the end of the world after the one thousand year rule of Christ on earth. In fact, the tribulation against the Church is like one drinking tea when compared with the wrath of God. No, no, no, there is no way they could be compared at all. But since our teachers could not see their difference, they plan to remove the Church before the actual coming of Christ as “Pre tribulation Rapture”. You are not more merciful than Jesus. In my book, you will discover Jesus’ teaching in agreement with Daniel’s concept, with Paul and all the rests of the Apostles.

The idea that Jesus shall come before the great tribulation is a new teaching which was not in the Bible, and was derived from one John Nelson Darby (1800-1882); who after visiting a young Scottish unmarried lady prophesying in the year 1820. After listening to this girl he began to redraft a teaching that had already been concluded long ago, and which was taught by Daniel, Jesus, Apostles Paul, John etc in the early years of the Church. John the beloved taught the Church saying “You have heard that Antichrist shall come, even are there many antichrists in the world” I Jon.2:18.

John said that Antichrist shall come; the question is “to do what?” If it is not coming against the Church, is there need to hear or know about it? He said there were many antichrists in the world during their own time, but the one which shall come in the future shall bring in tribulation against the church. He wrote it to enlighten us and yet we still misunderstand it. Our teachers say the antichrist is coming against those Christians who are not serious with Christ now.

This view baffles me what renowned teachers are saying. But scripturally, those who are not serious in the Bible are called “Lukewarm” Rev.3:15-16. Jesus said to them, “Because you are neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth”. Have you ever collected your spittle from the ground back to your mouth before? Lukewarm Christians are the same with the ungodly people, and they all belong to the Beast/antichrist.

These lukewarm Christians are not serious when there are no trouble, will they become strong when tribulation occurs? No way! They will be the first people who shall collect the mark of the Beast, or the number of his name or the name of the Beast very fast. Why not? They have nothing at stake in line to remember. Again there are no two Raptures but one, and once it occurs, others who do not partake in it have been lost forever.

By now you have understood what we call the master plan of the Beast’s kingdom. Whenever we say “Master plan” you know it well. If you have any concerns or questions, please use one of my emails addresses at the top of the page to communicate me very fast.
God bless.