What do we mean by saying “is Jesus is not God”? Then do we mean that Jesus is God? Is there any evidence showing this truth from the Bible? All these questions shall be answered here as we continue in the topic. Many people want to know and see evidences that indicate this truth, because Jesus has always talked about the one who sent him or his father. Then it is imperative we show you this truth.

Evidences abound where Jesus said something great about his father. He said “My father is greater than I” Jon.14:28. It is of great importance that we discuss more on this truth because the Watch Tower Society use to cite this reference in other to denounce the lordship of Jesus Christ. But it is imperative to highlight this statement very well. We know that Jesus was made flesh for a purpose, and that’s to make sure he saved man from sin and from destruction.

When we said that Jesus is God, we are talking from the inspiration we received from the author of the Bible, which is the Holy Spirit. The lord Jesus Christ is God. If you read my blog post on Biblical formula, you will discover that Jesus is God. Again from the Ark of Noah which we shall display the structure very soon, it reveals the three personalities of God there. The three personalities of God have their times displayed in the Ark of Noah. You must study this structure of Noah’s Ark if you want to know if Jesus is God. There are many mysteries in the Ark which rightly gives us correct evidence about Christ’s deity as God.

The Ark of Noah had three floors or partitions in Gen.6:16. The first floor of the Ark was known as “LOWER” Gen.6:16 which was the level of the Ark that belong to the father. In this floor of the Ark there were no doors or windows in it, why? This level of the Ark entered into the flood as the waters began to rise from the earth. If there were doors and windows in it, water would enter into it and the Ark would have sunk into the flood.

Again since there were no doors or windows at this first floor of the Ark, it had only the staircase which stood from the ground floor to the first floor. This staircase was the only means of entrance into the Ark, from where all animals, birds and humans entered into the Ark. I would also recommend that you study it also from my book of Rapture which has this keyword “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future” published by, a division of Thomas Nelson USA.

This book is loaded and also inspiring. This book displays many things amongst them are 1. “Where the father worked and where he stopped his work in the Ark” 2. “the place where Jesus took over from him and where he also stopped his own works” and 3. “Where the Holy Spirit started his own works and where he will end his own works” and that’s where the world will end.

When you mention the word (GOD), it is these three personalities that make it up. Each letter here represents a member of these group known in scripture and called “the Godhead” Col.2:9; Acts. 17:29 etc. The Godhead is 1 the father, 2 the son, and 3 the Holy Spirit. If you remove any of them from the word GOD, you will not see God but a different word which is not God. Let’s try it this way, G O D. Each letter here is distinct yet one. (G) represents the father and if you remove this letter from the group, what you will have is (OD), which shows no God. Then (O) represent Jesus in the group and if you remove this letter (O) from the group, what you will have is not God but (GD) and this is not God.

Again the letter (D) also represent the Holy Spirit in the group, and if you remove this letter D from this group, you will see the word (GO) and this is not God. For your evidence each of them has their time as indicated or outlined in the Ark of Noah. This revelation is not human. This is also how the Bible showcases them. The father begins the record, the son follows up and lastly the Holy Spirit, if it is wrong or not true, kindly broadcast me and my site as a false site and prophet.

We want to show you a mystery which is hidden from your eyes as you read the Bible. If you read Gen.6:16, you will discover that Noah was instructed to build the Ark in three floors known as 1. LOWER, 2.SECOND and 3.THIRD STOREYS Gen.6:16. So the Ark of Noah had the height and form like two storey building in our modern day. Have you ever considered why it was so, or if it was ever built like that? What could be reason the Ark was built with three floors since it was only Noah and his family with selected animals and birds that entered into it?

Though the Bible did not write it verbatim that the Ark of Noah was the first Bible, but how the three personalities of God operated in the Bible gives you the assurance of what we are saying that the Ark of Noah was the first Bible. The father who was known and called “God” from the beginning of creation was the first to start his works. This went on till you see the book of Malachi, where the Old Testament ended. All from Adam to Malachi the father was seen doing his work which entered and ended in the kingdom of Babylon.

In this book, Malachi was the last book of the Old Testament, true or false? And after it you see the demarcation between the Old and the New Testament. Please help us and answer this question “What was the reason of the gap between the book of Malachi and the book of Mathew? Was it a design or a mistake from the publishers”? Guess what and let us see if you could help.

ANSWER: the gap between the book of Malachi and the book of Mathew is an indication of where the father who was known and called God stopped his work. Are you surprised to hear this? This gap is called “the intertestamental period” or “the 400 years of silence”. This evidence could only appear in the Ark of Noah, but in the Bible, you could only see the gap without any other evidence. Scholars of the Bible know that in this gap existed a period of about 400 years of Silence.

A period of time the father did not talk to any prophet, or had communication with anyone. What was the reason? ANSWER: it was not that he did not want to talk to anyone or that no one was righteous enough to hear from him at that time, but that it was where his time ended in the Ark, and he would not proceed further. I discovered that no member exceeded his time in the Ark.
There were prophets at that time but his time ended there in the Ark, such prophets like Haggai and Zechariah. And his time here was in the kingdom of Babylon. You will get more information in the book of Rapture. This book is loaded with unheard information. This book is extraordinary in decoding events of the Bible. It’s at the same time educative.

Get it from,,, and from all bookstores wide world. It’s an eBook and if you could help put it into papers, kindly contact me through the contact page on the site, God bless. Just Google the keyword as typed above and see it displayed to you. You will be glad you did.

Like I was saying before, this revelation may not have come up before now, and God is still in the business of revealing his word, making it new every morning. Again he is choosing those to whom he might reveal secret things till tomorrow. He still chooses whom he would inform to inform others, as he chose those who wrote his word.

When he chooses a man or a woman to say something, he gives him or her inspiration that explains what he wants to his people. If you think he does not continue to reveal new things today because you believe that the Bible has been concluded already, I say you are wrong. There are yet countless things from the Bible that have never been exposed to us, and those things must surely be revealed before the world ends. Jesus said “no jot” or “iota” of the word should be unfulfilled” Matt.24:35.
Let’s get back to where the father ended his works.

We said he ended it at Babylon. Is there any evidence to support this claim? Yes! See what Daniel wrote in Dan.5:24-30. He interpreted the hand writing on the wall to the last king of Babylon saying “Mene, mene” meant that God had numbered your kingdom and finished it”. Now which kingdom? the Babylonia kingdom in the hands of Belshazzar. This meant that the kingdom of Babylon had come to a close in his time.

He also said “Tekel” meant that he himself who was still on throne at that time had been weighed on a balance (scale) and found wanting. Since he had no weight on the scale, it was useless to allow him to continue wasting time. Yes because another useful person was waiting to start his own government after him. Daniel concluded his interpretation by saying that “Perez” meant that God had divided his Babylonia kingdom and given it to the Medes and the Persia”. Please check these words very well if it is so in your Bible. Again check now what happened after here? In verse 30, the Persian king Cyrus assassinated the last Babylonia king Belshazzar. And from here the kingdom of Persia took over.

And see, the last word from the father was to command the incoming king of Persia to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, which was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar on his third invasion of Jerusalem. And Cyrus the Persian king also documented the commandment of God to him, saying that the God of heaven had given all the kingdoms of the earth to him, and that he charged him to build him a house in Jerusalem 2Chron. 36:22-23. Daniel who was in Babylon also crossed over to Persia and documented it in Dan. 9:25. After these things, the father stopped work for a period of 400- 490 years. Read my book of Rapture for more details.

Watch in your Bible though it did not go serial, God gave the Persian king the time to continue, see 2Chron. 36:22-23; Ezra:1:1-4. Even in the master plan, Persia was the silver government Dan. 2:39, after the Gold which was Babylon Dan.2:38. The book of Rapture explained them well. Try and study the Ark in my book, you will not fail to appreciate me. The door of the Ark was placed exactly where the father spelt it out in Gen.6:16, i.e by the side. It was not in the front or at the back. Now check where the Roman soldier threw his spear; it was by his side, he opened his side Jon.19:34.

Also check the Door of the Ark, this is great evidence. Now hear Jesus “I am the Door” Jon.10:9. Which door?, of course the door of the Ark which belonged to him. This door started from the Persia kingdom to the Roman kingdom where he officially was born to physically take over from the father Lk.2:11.
It may interest you to know that Jesus finished his own work in the Roman kingdom also and declared it finished still in the same kingdom Jon. 19:30. You have got to read these scriptures for clearance purposes, because it is not enough to shout heresy when you don’t even know the truth, nor proved it wrong. From here the SECOND MEMBER of the Godhead Gen.6:16 finished his own work and said “it is finished”. From the Persia government to the Roman government in the book of John was the time of Jesus in the Ark.

And when Jesus died and rose in the first day of the week, the Bible recorded that the book of the law were extended, see Rom.10:4. Apostle Paul said “Jesus is the end of the law for righteousness sake”. It means that the books of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John were the extended books of the law. This is correct because the book of the Church started with Acts of the Apostles Acts 2. The Bible recorded the law that established the church was fulfilled in the book of Lev 25:8-10. When Jesus rose from the dead, he was on earth with his disciples for 40 days Acts. 1:3 and after his ascension, 10 days were added to the 40 days to make it 50 days of jubilee. This Jubilee was the day of Pentecost on which day the church was born.

Now the father had ended his work, and the son took over from him and ended his work also. It is now the time for the Holy Spirit to start his own work. This would make the word “GOD” to complete.

We have earlier stated that the letter D represent the person of the Holy Spirit in the Ark. We have seen the Father represented in the Ark as LOWER, the son represented as SECOND and now the third member which is the Holy Spirit as the WINDOW of the Ark. surprised? Yes window. The window of the Ark was placed at the top of the Ark, exactly at the position which belongs to the Holy Spirit Gen.6:16.

Now check the place where we are presently living at, if it is the window period. If yes, then praise God. We are here living live at the window period. See, no program of the Bible misses a second to be true because God is involved. When you talk about window, please read it from my eBook of Rapture and see what actually happened at the window of the Ark at the time of Noah. It is exactly what is going to happen again. Of course window has come again and this time it has graduated from the Ark to become computer terminology.

The time of the Holy Spirit started from the Roman kingdom where Jesus finished his own work to the end of the world. That’s the reason the letter D ended the word (GOD). If you think Jesus is not God, could you tell us why he said “I’m the Door” Jon 10:9 and his coming and position tallied at the center of the Ark, as well as at the center of the Bible? If you don’t understand the mysteries of the Bible, is it whose fault? But if you are an enemy, we say sorry to you, that’s all we have for you. Not only that Jesus is God, the Holy Spirit is also God.

We have earlier showed you how the three letters joined as one word, yet distinct from each other. In figure they are one as (1) but in letters one I Jon. 5:7-8.

It is important we make this statement so that one would not be misled. Jesus is the one referred to in the word as “the word made flesh” Jon.1:14. He was in the beginning with God Jon. 1:13. There was nothing made that was made without him. If he was in the beginning with God, was it on what condition? Was he a partner or as created? Now since he was the creator himself, how was he to die?

The Hebrew writer made a powerful statement in relation to this question, he said “that he took not on him the nature of Angels, but he took the nature of the seed of Abraham” Heb. 2:14-16. The nature of the seed of Abraham was or is flesh or human. While the nature of Angel is different because they have wings with which they fly. The reason for his taking of this nature is that he might save mankind. Do you forget that man sinned in the Garden through Adam? And right there in the Garden God made a provision saying “I will put enmity between thee and the woman; and between thy seed and her seed”. But biologically speaking, a woman doesn’t have seed, but a man has it. What a woman has is egg, which after being fertilized by man results in pregnancy. Then how could this woman get the seed?

That was the reason of the birth of Jesus without the aid of man. Mary asked the Angel Gabriel, “how could this be seeing that I know not a man” Lk. 1: 34? The Angel said to her, “The power of the Most high shall cover thee and thou shall conceive in your womb and shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins”.

We call him man/God or God/man. Though he was born by Mary, he never called her mother but woman, indicating that he created her and yet passed through her just to fulfill his purpose for mankind on earth. As a young child in hands of Joseph and Mary, he was seeing all things unknown to man but there’s no way a little Baby could talk to his mother or to Joseph at that age, otherwise people will abandon him and run. So he was operating normally but was silent as a Baby.

He was and is God because he could read people’s mind and ask them saying “Why do you reason these things in your minds”? And people got afraid. Walking on the water was a feature no man could do, no matter who you are or what metaphysics you could practice. We heard that one David Lawrence of America said he could die and rise after three days, and that he didn’t succeed.

Well, we continue to update this page from time to time, so always be coming for new updates.
God bless.