How ready are you for Rapture?



Many people out there in the world have not heard about Rapture, those who have heard about it do not understand what it really means. But Christians in the Church have heard of it, and some with the correct knowledge and others with erroneous view. Let me now sound it again in the form of a question, ‘’are you Rapture ready’’? Do you have the relevant knowledge of Rapture? What do we mean by the word Rapture? Do not blame anyone if you take the wrong step at last. The Lord is asking, ‘’when the Son of man shall come again, shall he find faith’’? Lk. 18:8.

Rapture is an end time message under ‘’eschatology’’. Now eschatology is a derivation of two Greek words
1. “eschatos” meaning “last things or last events”.
2. “Logos” meaning “study” “discourse” or “doctrine”. Therefore eschatology is a branch of theology concerned with the events of the last things or last days, and which shall lead us to the Rapture of the Church of Christ and to the end of the Church edge.

The word “Rapture” is not in the Bible, but it is the ‘’Latin’’ translation of I Thess. 4:17, which is ‘’Rapturo’’ but in the Greek original it is ‘’Harpadzo’’. It means ‘’to take up’’ ‘’to grab’’. This was the word which Paul preached to the Church at Thessaloniki. Today Paul’s words have been misunderstood, misinterpreted and misapplied. Some teachers have written and argued out of the real knowledge of what Paul taught the Church. These teachers are now preaching that the Church shall not see the Antichrist or experience the great tribulation.

This is an erroneous view, why?. At least one should preach what Jesus preached. One should preach what Apostle Paul preached. One should preach what Daniel preached and was referenced by Jesus in Matt. 24:15; Dan. 12:11. We shall teach what Paul, Jesus and Daniel taught the people or the Church in their days.

Please read my eBook on Rapture with the title ‘’Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future’’. Just type this keyword into Google and they will display the book. Click on purchase and you will see a form, fill it out and download the file into your browser or device. No man shall give any excuse of ignorance about Rapture to God. Of course God does not take excuse from man. If I’m lying ask Adam, if God accepted his excuse that it was the woman he gave him who gave him the forbidden fruit and he ate it. Paul would also tell you the same thing Rom. 2:1 “that you are inexcusable Oh man”.

Jesus informed his disciples about when he shall come for Rapture, even though many Christians are denying it openly, that there is nothing as Rapture in the Bible, or about his second coming. This is actually disheartening to hear. He said to them, ‘’I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go and prepare the place, I will come again and take you to myself, that where I am, there you maybe also’’ Jon. 14:2-3. The question now is “do those who argue about his second coming believe his first coming”? If they do, then something wrong has crept inside their minds.

Although many people are arguing that the place he mentioned was not said to be heaven, but what we know and believe is that there shall be a lifting up. Whether it is in the air or in the spirit, there shall be a lifting up and I shall be a partaker of it in Jesus name Amen. We trust him to take us wherever he likes, and wherever he desires is good enough for us to be. The promise of taking us to himself cannot be annulled. This word is sure, so we are taking it very seriously. After all, the entire world cannot be saved.

Some people shall be saved while others would not be saved. So those who cannot be saved shall always refuse the possibility and the reality of those who shall be saved. We that believe to be taken to heaven believe that all that God says are possible. We don’t doubt Jesus at all. We trust and believe him like our father Abraham who went out of his father’s house just because he instructed him to do so.

Rapture is a known topic in the world today. It is even known to those who cannot be saved. It is believed by those who do not know it very well. And those who believe on it are seriously preparing themselves for it any moment from now, we are ready. But it is not and shall not be a secret thing, No. Before the Rapture occurs, Antichrist shall be in the world for a period of three and half years. The Clock that indicates Rapture in my book is expressing that it is six O’clock or the sixth seal when it shall be. Do you understand what I mean? Get the eBook for yourself and study it extensively in other to have the correct information of it.

Read from my eBook about it in the seals 4-6. I said the present day seal is the third seal, where Israel was born in the last days, in 1948. The birth of the nation of Israel characterized the opening of the third seal. And the fourth seal shall be opened by the appearance of the Antichrist and that’s what we are waiting for as at now. If you read my book, you will understand it very well. Those who believe the other view find it hard to agree with me, but when they read my book, they agree easily. So the alert for Rapture is everywhere now, are you not feeling it?

Any Rapture message or view which does not go with the seal program shall not stand where my book is standing. Such book/s shall voluntarily bow out before my book. This is not just boasting, I’m telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The whole programs of God are on seals 2Tim.2:19. Apostle Paul informed Timothy that ‘’God’s foundations are on seal’’. He further warned that those who call on the name of Jesus Christ should depart from iniquity or from sin’’ 2 Tim.2:19. He said that God knows his people, and this is true to the letter. Pastor James said “known to God are all his works from the beginning to the end. The signs which Jesus had given us as a sign of the end are nearly here with us. No one should blame God if such a one finds himself or herself in Hellfire. It is a place of torment, and there those who despised the word of God shall be serious.

Please brother, please sister, Jesus is coming again and his second coming is just at the doors. What are you waiting for? Do you know what shall happen when the last world power which is America collapses? Or do you think that America shall reign forever as the leader of the world? If you will take my word very seriously, she started ruling the world from 1945 till date. My book contains it and the next people according to the Bible which shall take leadership of the world from them are just around waiting for America’s collapse. Guess who? You may doubt it, but it’s Europe. If you read my book of Rapture, you will congratulate me. Enjoy the topic but if you have any question, contact me through my email address above.
God bless. Joseph Azubuike .