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You might be confused about the topic which we are talking about, but as we go ahead with the topic, you will understand. A link from Noah’s family is all about how trouble reappeared again in the world after the destruction by God of the world of Noah. Trouble supposed not to be seen again in the world.
But almost immediately after that destruction, it reappeared. And while trying to find out why it appeared so quickly and from where it appeared, we found out a link from Noah’s family to be the link from where this trouble came back to the world. Join us as we continue to look into the Bible, and see if we are correct or not.

God had informed Noah to build an Ark to the saving of his soul according to the Hebrew writer. God said because corruption filled all the earth, and that every inclination of the heart of man was evil continually, so it came up to him to destroy the earth.

Noah went ahead and began to prepare this Ark for a hundred and twenty years (120). Many people might have asked Noah if his upstairs was alright. Yes because they saw Noah building the ark which he was going to use to go to heaven. Where this trouble in the world did have its link again? But the first murder on earth was seen with Cain the first son of Adam against his brother Abel. This made God to curse him. And in the process of time, we believed that Noah might have married unawares from the lineage of Cain who was cursed by God.

We are saying this because of the birth of Ham his son, who messed up his father when he saw his father’s nakedness after the flood. So the wife of Noah might have been married from the lineage of Cain, just to preserve seed for Cain and to continue his wickedness. We are saying this because immediately after the flood, trouble was seen again. Noah cursed his grandson Canaan. This might surprise you that Noah cursed his grandson Canaan who did nothing by himself.

One wonders why it didn’t take time to reappear. Ham the third son of Noah and father to Canaan had messed up with his father, and as he woke up from his drunk, and noticed unusual appearances on his body.
The Bible said “Noah knew it was done by Ham, his youngest son” Gen. 9:24. Then he immediately cursed Canaan, who was one of Ham’s children verse 25. You might ask, “Why did Noah curse Canaan instead of Ham the offender”? It might be that Noah considered Ham’s offence as a grave one, and so he tried to punish his future, because your child is your future in the world. This offence might be one that needed no forgiveness and God upheld that curse for Ham and his generations.

That curse was the actual reason the land of Canaan was removed from Canaan and given to Abraham and his seed after him, according to Gen. 12:7-8. Curse is powerful in God’s sight, especially when the father or mother of one pronounces it upon any of their children, it is effective. So avoid being cursed by your mother or father.

We must be careful with our mouths as fathers and mothers. Anything we pronounce with our mouths, God might hold it on the one intended. Because Canaan was cursed here by Noah, Canaan was dispossessed of his land by God, and gave it to one who did not curse his children. And once cursed, it will take another spiritual person who stands with God to revert that curse.
An example of this was when the man Jacob cursed his first son Reuben for having an affair with his father’s wife Bilhah, see Gen.49:1-4. Bilhah was the maid of Rachael that later became Jacob’s wife.

It took up Moses after several years to restore Reuben again before Moses’ death Deut.33:6. If Moses had not restored him during his lifetime, maybe it might be Joshua. But it must be one in right tune with God to do that, so that God shall accept such person as restored.

And watch it, nobody restored the tribe of Dan from that curse Gen.49:17, so the tribe of Dan is no longer in existence today, you can check it out. If the tribe of Dan was restored by Moses or even Joshua, it would have been restored till today. But Joshua himself did not remember to restore him, even though Dan was not the one who caused his own curse, it was his mother.
Check now and tell us if you think that Ham was a product of confusion. The wife of Noah was the one who gave birth to Ham. So we believe that this woman might have come from the lineage of Cain, because the whole world was destroyed remaining only Noah’s family. So for this problem to reappear again, we suspect it was her. Remember that this happened with only this family in the whole world. We think the Genes of Cain reappeared in Ham from his mother.

Noah as a man was from the lineage of Seth who was born to Adam after the murder of Abel by Cain. Noah had three sons of which were 1 Shem the eldest, 2. Japheth the second son, and 3. Ham the youngest I Chron.1:1-4. And none of them had any sons or daughters at this time of the incident. The Bible recorded 8 persons according to the Hebrew writer. If you calculate these three sons with their wives, it will give you the eight persons recorded (8).
There was no other person in the world. Now how could this trouble reappear in the world again? That’s the reason we suspected the wife of Noah as the link from where trouble came back to the world. This woman gave birth to Ham, Noah’s third son who messed up the father and his father cursed his son’s son Canaan.

Ham was also the father of Cush who gave birth to Nimrod, and Nimrod who was a mighty hunter before the Lord. It was this man Nimrod who built the Tower of Babel Gen.10.8-10, and this tower amounted to a great rebellion before God. Babel here was the beginning of his kingdom, even the first kingdom in the world. You can see how Ham’s generation later became God’s enemies.
Every evil practice in the world had their origin from Babel of Babylon. Babylon was the capital of the ancient city called “Shinar” or later “Chaldea”.

John the Revelator had agreed with this idea and said “Mystery Babylon” the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth” Rev. 17:5. This means that nothing stops Babylon from creating evil in the world.
For example, the root of re-incarnation in the world was from Babylon. It was the wife of this Nimrod who originated re-incarnation. You might want to know how she made it possible.

Nimrod died without a child, and his wife Semiramis began to play whoredom and from there she got pregnant. Meanwhile Nimrod was revered to in his lifetime as the “Sun” and the wife as the “moon”. They were worshipped as “deities” at the time of the building of the Tower. This in effect became an abomination to God which made God to come down and scatter their language Gen.11:1-9.

Then his wife after the delivery of her Pregnancy she had a Baby boy and named him “Tammuz” Ezk.8:12-14. She told her audience that her dead husband was reborn. And then that she was no longer a widow, and the people then accepted it all from her. When this boy grew up, this woman convinced her son that he was her husband who died and was reborn. Then she began to have fornication with her son, and this was another abomination from Babylon.

Then she was able to convince her world that “She was no more a widow” Rev.18:7. From here again re-incarnation became a popular view with the people, all from Babylon. Actually Babylon was the root of all evils.
So many people began to name their new born Babies with the names of their dead ones, especially loved ones, and tagged them as “reborn”. If a man died in a family and a son was born in the same family, they said it was the dead man coming back to correct his mistakes. Then they said re-incarnation of humans could take place also in animals, birds, trees etc. They said one man or woman who died could come as many times as possible until his or her wrong are corrected. All these evil beliefs had their origin from Babylon.

We could trace all these from the link in Noah’s family. One trouble begets another and the world has been filled with corruption and abomination at the same time. How could a woman have sex with her son as her husband? That’s an abomination to the highest order. Of course some men also are having their young daughters in that affair.

And if not because of Grace, the world would have been destroyed five times since the world of Noah. One man therefore asked “Is Grace weak or Powerful”? Let’s give him a good answer. What do you think? Grace is powerful, in the sense that God does not kill one immediately he sins. Instead, God allows such person time to repent. And this was the reason Jesus died, that he might save sinners.

Through Grace we define Christianity as “God coming down to save souls”. And Christianity in effect is not a religion. Yes, because religion is nothing but “man looking for an object to worship”. These two definitions are in contrast. One means “God coming down to save”, and the other means “man seeking for an object to worship” and Jesus said, “I came to call sinners to repentance”.

You can see how the link of evil and corruption escalated from the family of Noah immediately after the flood.
Since the world was destroyed and no one person remained on earth except Noah and his family, the world should have witnessed quietness but that’s not true.

This is the more reason we said this link must have come from Noah’s family and possibly from his wife. If you think this is not true, kindly use the email address at the top of the page and tell us what you believe.
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