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Judah was one tribe that has been elevated from the fourth position as the fourth son of Jacob to the first position in the Bible, which now stands unchangeable as far God is concerned. His elevation was sparked off by the action of Reuben and the excessive anger of Simeon and Levi, the second and third sons of Jacob. As you continue in the topic, you will see how he overthrew his brethren to become the number one in the exercise.

This is a continuation of “As Jacob blessed his children changes were made”. This topic is here in this site   Yea, when he (Jacob) in his blessings came to his fourth son Judah, he had no impediment that would stop him from being blessed; Jacob poured out many blessings on him. You can click on the link here to read about “As Jacob blessed his children changes were made”. Then Jacob began to say that Judah was a lion’s whelp. That he will hold his enemies at their necks as do lions to all others even on humans. Jacob blessed him so much that Jesus had to take to himself the title of “Lion of the tribe of Judah” Rev. 5:5. All that Jacob prophesied about Judah and the Lion was fulfilled by Jesus, read the book of John 8:1-6, where Jesus stooped down to fulfill that prophecy.

So when the Bible says “Judah prevailed above his brethren” in I Chron. 5:2, it means that Judah overtook all his brethren to get the blessings of his father. It also meant that Judah had overtaken all who were born before him and took the birthright out from Rueben and now Judah is number one tribe in Israel, find out. We observe from the sealing program of God that Judah now starts the programs of God because Jesus is involved in the whole exercise. If you read Rev. 7:4-8 you will see that Judah is now the number one tribe in the sealing program, while Reuben who supposed to be the number one is now the number two. This setting is not to be reversed again. Reuben was even cursed by Jacob for defiling his father’s wife who was Bilhah, the maid of Rachael who later became Jacob’s wife.

From Reuben, Simeon to Levi none of these three men were blessed by Jacob in the blessings before his death in Egypt. Reuben was cursed and replaced with Ephraim the second son of Joseph. Dan the son of Bilhah was cursed and replaced with Manasseh, the first son of Joseph. The sons of Joseph were not originally among the twelve tribes, but Joseph was among them. These two which were Manasseh and Ephraim were born to Joseph in Egypt. And Jacob said he adopted them to become his own children Gen.48:5.

Manasseh who was Joseph’s first son was permanently used to replace Dan, the son of Jacob whose mother committed adultery with Reuben.  Ephraim was temporarily used to replace Reuben because of his action with his father’s wife, but because of that temporary use, he was restored by Moses Deut.33:6, God allowed him to occupy the position of the second tribe in the sealing program Rev:7:5. God upheld it because Jacob was beloved above Esau Gen.25:23; Rom.9:7-13.

On the day Jacob was praying for them in the presence of his son Joseph in Egypt, it was the day he installed them. Jacob placed his right hand on Ephraim, showing that it is to be permanent on Reuben’s position to be changed forever as first born. Even though Reuben was restored through Moses, he never became the first born again. Joseph saw it and was grieved, because he supposed that his father should have placed his right hand on his first born Manasseh.  Instead Jacob placed his right hand on the second son Ephraim. Therefore Joseph wanted to change their position, but Jacob refused it and said to him “I know it my son” Gen.48:17-20.

Jacob transferred his aggression from his wife Bilhah, who committed the adultery to her son Dan. One believes that Jacob should have punished his wife for her action, and not to transfer that issue to her son who was innocent. Although the bible said when Jacob heard it, he kept quiet, may be waiting for a day like this, he finished them. He said “Dan shall be a serpent by the way” Gen. 49:17.

This meant that Dan was not allowed to continue as a tribe in Israel, and check it, he is not a tribe any more in Israel till today. Most of Jacob’s wishes were upheld by God, except on Reuben. And Dan actually turned away from them on the way, ie in the wilderness. They fought a war with Laish, defeated them and took up their gods and began to serve the gods of the people they defeated Jgs. 17-18. By so doing they were removed as Jacob expected.

So in the prevailing of Judah above his brethren, it means that even today, Judah is now the number one tribe while Reuben comes to the second position. Never again will Reuben smell that seat as the first born with the birthright, not only in Israel, but also in heaven. It is gone and gone forever. He should even be happy with Moses for his restoration. Now Judah leads other tribes of Israel and there is no controversy over it. That’s now the position of Jesus as the Lion of Judah.

When Moses was alive and wanted to choose a city in which to place the name of God in Israel, the Lord chose the tribe of Judah. And in the tribe of Judah is Jerusalem, the capital of both Israel and Judah, the city of God. Jerusalem is the city of David, a man after God’s heart. This is why Jerusalem shall not be handed over to the Arabs. It is the city of our God. Even the Persian king Cyrus recognized that Jerusalem is in Judah 2 Chron. 36:22 23.

So what are we saying? Judah prevailed above his brethren because he also was the one who stood in for Benjamin when Joseph wisely seized Benjamin in Egypt. Judah was given the position that was originally Reuben’s. Therefore this is the conclusion of “As Jacob blessed his children changes were made”. Contact us for any confusion you might experience in any topic through our email address at the contact page.

God bless