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What is Cashless Society System?

It is a system of buying and selling with cards only. This means there will be no currency or liquid cash in operation in the world, only cards whether credit, visa or master cards etc.

This word (Cashless Society System) (CSS) needs no introduction again because everyone is acquainted with its knowledge. This system is already in place and it is gradually taking over the world with thousand and one people not being informed of its danger. What we see people talk more about is its goodness and how to advance it more to the rest of the world. No one is revealing its danger. Of course if you talk about its danger or its bad effect to the people they will give you negative names. Well as one called to work in this direction, I will not fail to bring in its negative effect to the people I’m called to educate.

Cashless society system however is the system where all the peoples of the world would be making purchases without liquid currency but with Cards, i.e 1. The Master Cards, 2. The Credit cards 3. The Debit Cards etc all cash cards. The world has today reached the stage where these things prophesied in the Bible years ago to take place in the world are being discovered and produced for use. But the saints to whom it shall concern are not studios enough to begin to reveal what the Bible has told us to do, when it comes to pass before our eyes.

Jesus talked about “the generations that shall see these things come to pass” Matt.24:32-34. What did Jesus mean here? He said “if you are born in the generation that sees these things built up in the world, then you should know that all things are almost at the doors”. Have you not seen them? What else are you trying next to see before you decide for Christ and to be careful so that you don’t take any of these options of the Beast unawares? That generation of people which sees these things in the world shall not pass away till all these things are fulfilled.

Thank God I’m not relenting a bit from exposing these things in all my websites. Yes because I’m a man called especially to fearlessly reveal these things at this time. And in all my sites you will see them being displayed. Go to 1. i.e this site you are reading from, 2. you will see Rapture teaching called Rapture alert, and 3., you will see Biblical formula among others.

Cashless as it is called will solve the problem of the Beast/Antichrist when he comes out in the world. Even though it is supposed to do more for the Beast, but the world is still experiencing what is called “internet fraud”. Which is an indication that what the Bible says is true, that the world shall be sold to the Beast. If Jesus could not solve all the problems of this world, no man could do it better.

The Bible was and is emphatic about buying and selling. Read, “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that has the mark, or the name of the Beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the Beast, for it is the number of a man and his number is six hundred, three score and six” Rev.13:17-18.

This number 666 is the number of the Beast and incidentally those who go to observe a man of wonders on earth have been given this number, because they are not coming to seek for Jesus. Wise men seek for Jesus but foolish people seek for a man who could do one magic or the other for them.

I have uploaded “how the image of the Beast might be worshipped” in”.

The Bible says this image shall be given life by the Beast himself before the eyes of people, i.e those who go after miracles that they shall exclaim saying “who is like the Beast and who shall make war with him” Rev. 13:4, 15. This image shall command people to take one of the options of the Beast. You either take 1. The mark of the Beast, 2.

The number of his name or the name of the Beast. One of these options gives you power to buy and sell. If you reject it, they will deny you your money because it is cashless. This is the evil aspect of cashless system. You will need to operate buying and selling with cards. For you to obtain one of these options, you must register with one option.

Only the saints shall totally reject and object from taking any of these options of the Beast and lose our money to the Beast and his world. That’s the reason I’m doing all these things. You as a saint must be aware of this event and you must not take any of it. If you do take it, your portion shall be cleansed from God’s book forever.

The Bible says “If any man takes the mark of the Beast, or worship his image, he shall be tormented in God’s wrath before the Lamb and before the holy Angels of God” Rev.14:9-10. A word is enough for the wise. This is why I’m taking my time to educate you here properly, because I’m specially called to reveal this mystery to you. So do not play with this post, because I have warned you to be careful with cashless system.

I know many people will castigate my word here as they did to Jeremiah in those days, and before their eyes Jeremiah’s word came to pass. Still they did not obey him until they were destroyed. Many of them mustered courage and told him that they would never take his word from the Lord, nor obey him Jer. 44:16.

This happened because they believed the false prophets who had made their way into their lives already before Jeremiah was called to start prophesying. Therefore if you chose not to take me seniors, I would have done my job just like Jeremiah did. Cashless society is seen in its good side as an easy way to trade in the world, but its negative side is hidden from the eyes of the world.

Now the Beast is not yet out, but his systems are first produced ahead and they are accepted without care.
Majority of our teachers and believers say they would go before the Beast or before the great tribulation begins, fine. But they are still here accepting and using these cards and systems of the Beast. Why are you still here and using these things? You might be here also and the Beast would be announced one day as the only man who is seen to solve all the problems of the world. Such man is the Antichrist/Beast.

Note: they will not call him the Antichrist/Beast, instead they shall call him “the solution to terrorism, and social problems of this world”. Wait you will either hear it or unless the lord calls you home before then, you would not see it, but if not there’s no way out.
Be warned, God bless.

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