As another view was used to replace the scriptural belief


First of all I will define heresy as closely related with the interpretation of the Bible. We can also say it is an “erroneous interpretation of the word of God” or a wrong view of a belief whether from the Bible or not. Then the teachers are scattered all over the place and could be found everywhere the word of God is preached, by certain people who are not inspired by the Spirit of God.

Heresy is a wrong belief and teaching of either the word of God or another belief. whenever a belief is wrongly viewed or interpreted, it amounts to heresy.

You will discover that people give their own interpretation to the word whether it’s right or wrong. For example, Jesus was teaching his disciples about his second coming and he said them, that they would expect him “immediately after the tribulation of those days” Matt. 24:29-31, not before the tribulation. And this belief is “Post Tribulation view. He was specific about it and he is the one coming to Rapture the Church, not a prophet or an Apostle. So he knows it better than anyone else. Why not? “He is the Lord and owner of all the scriptural programs”.

But our teachers and their believers of today have countered it with “Pre tribulation view”, the teaching from John Nelson Darby (1800-1882), from the 19th century of Yesterday. John Nelson started drafting Pre tribulation view when he was yet in the Bible school, after hearing from a young Scottish unmarried lady by name “Margret McDonald” in 1820. By 1830 he was through with the draft and he started teaching it. This lady was prophesying that Jesus told her that his Church would not enter into the great tribulation. And all who heard her believed her story contrary to the concluded scripture. But the Bible had been concluded before one thousand eight hundred years ago (1800) before her birth. The Bible says “whoever adds anything, or removes anything from the Bible, his or her own portion shall be added or removed” Rev. 22:19.

Thus John Nelson Darby not only believed this lady, but went ahead to draft in other to change the Bible belief, and became the author and originator of “Pre tribulation theory”, which taught the first notion of a “Pre tribulation Rapture”. It was published in the early 1900s by C. I. Scoffield in his Reference bible from where it was publicized to the world. Those who bought the Reference Bible began to study “Pre tribulation Rapture teaching” for the first time. This view has now become the most popular belief because it removed their church, not Jesus’ own Church before the great tribulation. Now with Jesus teaching, the Church of Christ is passing through tribulation to the kingdom of God Acts. 14:22, and since it is so, whose report will you believe? You need proper knowledge to decide where to belong.

(Pre) means “Before”. “It means before tribulation” or “Rapture before the tribulation of those days”. This is not the word which Jesus taught us. There is no scripture supporting this view. What they did was to force scriptures to support it, whether it is in agreement or not. But you should know that the Bible does not contradict itself. Wherever the Bible contradicts itself, the preacher is wrong, not the Bible. Pre tribulation view contradicts Post tribulation view, which was the view the Apostles taught and believed.

Now read this, Apostle Paul who was the sent to the Gentiles taught the Church at Thessalonica to watch when the Beast/Antichrist would enter into the Temple to claim that he is God 2Thess.2:4. If Paul could write such letter to the Church, what did he mean? He meant that the Church should watch out for this event, and it is “Post tribulation belief”. If the Church should watch out to see, it means we shall see the Beast, and it is this Beast who shall cause tribulation against the Church. Note, the people of the world are not under tribulation only the Church. That’s why his name is called “Antichrist” not anti the world or anti ungodly, no. Please answer this question “Who is the Christ in world as at today, is it the ungodly or the Church”? This will help you to understand the truth.

Well, I was called specially to redraft the end time topic of Rapture, to be in agreement with the Lord’s teaching, with Paul’s teaching, Apostle John’s teaching and even with that of Apostle Peter’s teaching. This is true so that you the reader might be fed with the truth from this site. Now obtain my eBook titled Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in Future”. Just type this keyword into Google and see it displayed to you. Follow their instruction to purchasing it with a token and download it into your device. With my book you will see how Rapture shall occur step by step. You will know about the master plan of the end time program from the seals. You will see interpretation of the word to the letter, no assumption like Pre tribulation teachers do. You won’t be in doubt about it after reading the book because you are going to inform others about the book.

Have you not heard what these teachers say? that “those who shall be left behind after the Rapture shall pay for their own redemption with their own blood”, they quote Rev. 7:13-14. This is another heresy. Now go to the “General commentary” in my book to see and read about the real interpretation of Rev. 7:13-14. Ask them “what is the Mark of the Beast?, and hear their erroneous answer 666”. In fact, they have no knowledge about this great topic. Everything you need from this topic is provided in the book, both the ones you don’t know in the first place.

Do you know where we are in God’s Calendar as at today? Who is the last king prophesied in the scriptures as the seventh king, according Rev.17:10? Who is the next king to take over from this seventh king? And what would this take over result? Could you tell us about the relevance of window? Even if you are an IT expert you will surely fail this question. And why was window introduced at this period in the dispensation of the Spirit of God? All these and more are in the eBook. It is loaded, it is inspiring. It is educative cum informative.

Just ask Google about the eBook titled Rapture: the Past, Present and
What to Expect in Future” written by Joseph O Azubuike
”. I’m teaching about Rapture from the book of Genesis to Revelation. Do you know about all the world powers of the Bible? You might think of world powers as 1. Germany, 2. France, 3. Japan, 4.China etc or you may say Hey! We forgot all mighty Britain. These Countries are not world powers of the Bible. They may be world powers for the world because you believe they invented one nuclear energy or the other. But they are not heavenly recognized or approved ones. Again what made the scriptural ones as world powers? No knowledge until you obtains the book. There are hidden secrets revealed in it.
You will discover to your amazement that what they taught you for a long time ago is heresy. It’s only when you get this book that you will begin to appreciate me. I’m saying that whatever they have taught you on this topic of Rapture are nothing but heresy. But you must know that these people who teach Pre tribulation belief, which is an “erroneous view”, fear heresy greatly. Now they never knew that what they call the truth is the real heresy.

Look at this statement again from them they say “the teaching of Jesus about Rapture from the book of Mathew 24 was exclusively to the Jews and not to the Church”. How do you look at this statement? But Jesus commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem till they were filled with power from above. Then would start from Jerusalem to Judea even the Gentiles of the world Acts. 1:4-8. Where did the Church start? Who were the foundation members of the Church? Name them “Peter, James, John, Mathew, Bartholomew etc. But after reading my book, you will see how John Nelson Darby failed for drafting Pre tribulation theory.

Only remember to appreciate me for the correct drafting of the teaching, and also returning the Church to the original teaching which is “Post tribulation view”. This view says “the Church shall be taken in the Rapture immediately after the tribulation of those days according to Jesus Matt. 24:29-31, also according to Paul 2Thess.2:1-4. Jesus said we should expect him “immediately after the tribulation”, not before the great tribulation. When you read my eBook you will know exactly what heresy is. Yes because you will know the difference by comparing it with Post tribulation belief, and shall stand out for the correct view.

In consideration, do you believe the statement which Pre tribulation believers say that it belongs to the Jews? Is it true? My answer is no. Apostle Paul taught the same thing which Jesus taught to the Church and they didn’t see or know it. Paul told the Church at Thessalonica to watch out when the Man of sin which is the Antichrist, would enter into the Temple and claim that he is God 2Thess.2:4.
It is the same thing that Jesus said as “when you see the abomination of desolation spoken by Daniel the prophet” Matt. 24:15-16. The appearance of the Beast shall only occur for the great Tribulation period, and the entrance of the Beast into the Temple of God is an abomination, how much more sitting on God’s seat. So if the Church sees the Beast, we shall enter his tribulation.

Jesus said when you see the abomination. It means we (the Church) shall see the Beast, or the man of sin according to Paul. It was Apostle John who described the man of sin as “Antichrist” I Jon. 2:18; 4:3. These people taught the early Church to be ready for the Antichrist and they were ready for him. But the present day teachers are teaching our people (heresy) that they would not face the Beast. Saying they would be removed before the coming of the Antichrist. Now they have misled the people they are teaching. Heresies abound here and there. Many years ago, there were prophesies that the world would end. Some of the notable Ministers among them were the ones who prophesied that the world end in the year 2000.

Almost everyone was expecting the prophecy to come to pass in the year 2000 as the prophet is said to see many things, and that none of his prophesies had failed. But that one failed woefully. Let me warn you before you join the company of false prophets of today. The world will not end even after Rapture. Does that one shock you? Yes I mean it. This will prevent those who are calculating their own number from releasing their own false prophecy any moment from now. Hear this truth from me. Any one prophesying about the end of the world before the thousand year rule of Christ on earth shall fall into the office of the false prophets, no Apologies.
This was the major reason many of those Prophesies failed to be true. Jesus must rule literally for 1000 years on earth Rev.20.

Those Prophesies were also heresies because they didn’t come to pass. Remember we are tracing abut heresy/s in the topic of Rapture, and who are their teachers? When those Prophesies failed, did you know that they were heresies? Nothing humbles a man of God as when his word fails to be true, or you couldn’t perform to fulfill your word. Therefore spare yourself by saying what God informs you to say or do. We are in the year 2017, that’s an additional 17 years since then. The last false Prophecy took place in Dec 2012. Listen to me, what we are going to see any moment from now is the appearance of the Beast for the great tribulation to start. It is this tribulation that shall precede the Rapture or take up of the Church at the appearance of Christ in the air.

If you think and believe you won’t see the Antichrist, what are you waiting for? You should have left the world before now. Don’t you know that what you are seeing now as developments are geared towards bringing in the Beast? The Beast will use the window against the Church, see “window old and new” in my book. This will tell you more about the ATM and the cards you have with you. Make every effort to get the book of Rapture; your destiny is now in your hands to decide before the awful period. Only people with the right knowledge shall beat the Beast/antichrist, with his soldiers and all levels of security in place.
God bless