Where was it inaugurated first at Rome or at Jerusalem, scriptural reference/s needed with no assumption, only the scripture.


Church could be defined according to Collins Gem Bible dictionary as 1.GK “Kuriakon”, the Lord’s house. 2. But the word translated Church in the New Testament is “ecclesia” literally meaning “a gathering together of citizens summoned for a civic responsibility Acts.19:32&41. This sense was transferred to the faithful summoned by its Head Jesus Christ Matt.16:18 and 18:17; Acts.2:47. But there are also three sense of the word in the New Testament 1. “The local, summoned worshipping fellowship 2. The combination of all everywhere, who met and worshipped thus, 3. “All who have gathered and worshipped thus” and all who are now dead, and all who are doing thus and are alive, plus all who will worship thus but are not yet born” I Cor.1:2; 12:12-13 Collins Gem Bible Dictionary page 100.
There was no mention of the word Church before Jesus said. It first proceeded from the mouth of the Lord Matt.16:18, who said “I will build my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it”. This was what prophet Isaiah said as the new name which the mouth of the Lord shall name Isa. 62:1-3. We might ask, what did Isaiah actually mean? Nothing happens by chance. He was of the view that the Lord shall come to bring in the Gentiles and also call them his own people and change the old institution of Moses. At the time of Moses the Gentiles were not a people. They were rejected and even any devote Gentile who came to the Synagogue would stay outside of the Synagogue. Even at the time of Solomon after the building of the Temple, such devote Gentile would be at the outer court of the Lord’s Temple. Only the Israelis were allowed into the Lord’s house. Reason: The Gentiles were called “not a people” Hos. 2:23. Again Hosea prophesied about the Gentiles who were not God’s people at that time that they would be called his people, and that they shall say, God is our God” Rom. 9:25-26. The Gentiles were brought near God through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. And in changing the Mosaic institution into Church, the Gentiles were justified and cleansed, then set apart as the people of God with Israel. A condition is attached to this gift which is, “Whosoever believes in Jesus Christ would not die but have eternal life” Jon.3:16. “Whosoever is a gift”. Thus the Gentiles now receive this gift and they are now known to God as his people. Of course this was what God told Abraham that he would be the channel of blessing the world, when he said “In thee (Abraham) shall all the nations of the world or earth be blessed” Gen. 12:3. Jesus has made this promise possible at last.
When Jesus made mention of Church, it was not established during his lifetime. But it was established or inaugurated by the Holy Spirit, though the Spirit is his Spirit 2 Cor.3:17. This happened on the day of Pentecost, a feast of Israel or the Jews at Jerusalem Acts. 2. This Church was in place at Jerusalem till about 3 hundred years before the enthronement of Emperor Constantine the great who after his conquest decreed for the stoppage of the killing of the saints or Apostles and Disciples of Christ. This stoppage did not mean love for the people of God but a way of discovering another means of annihilation of the Church, instead of killing. He discovered that they could not stop the Disciple through killing and that the more they killed them the more they grew in number and in faith in Christ. Therefore killing them was not the best for them. About Ten Emperors had their turn in killing the Apostles and Disciples of the Church before his coming. And they couldn’t stop their growth. The names of those ten Emperors are in my eBook of Rapture. Try and get it and see who they were.
When you hear about the martyrs of Jesus you could ask “when did it happen”? “Who were the operators”? And “when did it stop and by who”? If you want read more of this event try and get “Church History” by any author you like. The Romans thought they would start the great tribulation with that persecution of the Church, but it was not God’s time for it. It will surely come but at the right time. And truly speaking there are signs that the time might be any moment from now but until the Antichrist or Beast appears. He is the one to start it. To read about Rapture of the Church consider obtaining my eBook titled “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in Future” by Joseph O. Azubuike at or, and many leading bookstores worldwide. You will read and have the correct knowledge of Rapture and its events. Just type the keyword into and it will be shown to you, follow their instruction by paying a token to obtain it. It’s loaded.
Now the Church started at Jerusalem and not at Rome as the Roman Catholics claim. Having read about it here and come to the knowledge how Church first proceeded from the mouth of Jesus, you could ask “was Jesus a Roman”? Of course no. Did he go to Rome at any time? No. Did the Holy Spirit descend at Rome on the day of Pentecost? No. Does Rome celebrate the Pentecost at any time? No! What is the relationship between Rome and Israel at that time the Church was inaugurated at Jerusalem? They were the sixth world power which was ruling the whole world at that time, that’s all. To know more about the world powers, get my eBook of Rapture, it has all the details of how the seven of them was prophesied in the Bible and how they came one after the other, see Job. 5:19; Rev.17:10. World powers according to God’s word are not China, Germany or even France, read about them in my book of Rapture. You will be happy you did.
The decree of Constantine stopped the killing but he quickly decreed again around 317-320 that “All the world” “must” worship god “on the day of the Sun” which was the day Rome worship the Sun as their god. Then some years later a Pope put it into effect in the world, around the year 327/8. This was the process the Sunday change of the Sabbath took effect till today. There was nothing as Church in Rome at the time of Jesus or his Disciples. The book of Romans was not written to the people of Rome. But to the Church of Christ which was at Rome. This Church was formed by people from all walks of life living at Jerusalem at that time of the Pentecost. As devote people who were dwelling or living at Jerusalem at that time heard the noise at the upper room. They rushed there and were surprised to see and hear even their languages from the mouths of Galileans. They queried “are all these people not Galileans”? How do we hear our Languages with which we were born in their mouths? Acts 2:5-11.This was the day and the place of the birth of the Church. Power came from above on this day as Jesus commanded that the Disciples should not depart from Jerusalem Acts. 1:4-8 till they receive this power. They would start from Jerusalem to Judea, from Judea to Samaria, and from Samaria to the rest of the world.
When the power came on this day and when these people living at Jerusalem at that time returned to Rome, they decided to go ahead with the system they saw at Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost. By this time Rome was sunk into the worship of idols and they even hated the Church then. During the time when the Roman persecution started against the Church, one of the Emperors of Rome (Claudius Caesar) ordered the Jews living in Rome to get out with immediate effect. Among the people who ran out of Rome as a result of that order was an Apostle “Aquila and his wife Priscilla” Acts. 18:2. When this man Aquila and his wife reached Corinth, they saw Apostle Paul and dwelled together with him because they were of the same trade. By this time Rome had not started their Church but was busy killing and hunting for the Apostles and Disciples, as touts, or even Lions and carnivorous animals hunt for their prey.
Today they claim to be the first Church on earth. The question is how? Any right thinking person should ask “are they gaming or do they understand what they are saying”? We believe the upper room at Jerusalem where the first Church was hosted was not built in the form of a Cathedral. Though it was an upstair because it was where Jesus and his Disciples celebrated the Passover on the night and in the early morning, Judas Iscariot came with the High Priests and they arrested him. Read about the Passover in Mk. 14:10-26; 15:43-50.
The upper room was the house of Mary the mother of John whose surname is Mark Acts. 12:12. This was the place where the Disciples were taken to by Jesus in his lifetime, so they used it for the first auditorium of the Church. There are many scriptural evidences of this house as the first Church. Even when Apostle Peter was delivered from the hands Herod, the Church was already at this upper room and it was where Peter met them again after his release by the Angel of the Lord Acts. 12:11-13. We are keen to look into the Bible with every sense of responsibility to talk about the truth. It is our duty to search out the truth so you might read with us from the Bible. And it is very imperative that we read from the Bible about every event, or topic of scripture. We are Bible scholars, we always go into it to read about any event of the Bible and we don’t assume like the Roman Catholics. Of course Jesus asked us to search the scriptures not just to read it Jon. 5:39. In searching the scriptures you are bound to see it bringing truth to your heart, and you will know and believe him on his words. You will also drive out your blessings and go with them. In searching you will not believe every wind of doctrine. Only what the Bible says will have meaning to you.
As at today some of them have changed their song. They now say that after the resurrection of Jesus that he carried his house with his father and mother and came over to Rome, that it was where he instructed Peter to start his Church. What informed this assumption was the statement he made with Peter in Matt. 16:18. “That upon this Rock shall I build my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it”. They said it was the reason had to establish the saint Peter’s Church at Vatican City in Rome. From these statements we come to the knowledge that they have missed the target, not knowing the scriptures.
Well we know that Apostle Peter never went to Rome except when they forced him to Rome for his execution. They murdered him at Rome with Paul the Apostle. Today they have saints Peter and Paul as the names of their Churches. If Peter and Paul were to come out from the dead now, in fact they would deny them. What Jesus meant was that “based upon this statement, I will build my Church upon this truth which is Rock, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it”. If not the prophecy of Jesus, did they not close the Church? The church was not in existence for about a thousand three hundred years, until Jesus went right into their midst and took a devoted monk in the person of Dr. Martin Luther to reform the Church again. Take note of the word “reformed” not to start or to inaugurate it again, because the Church had existed first at Jerusalem.