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Are there going to be a literal one thousand year rule of Christ here on earth? Yes! The Bible declared it. Follow me to facebook ;twitter ; Google+ ; Pinterest ; LinkedIn; Pocket ; Reddit ; Addthis ; Even brite ; Email ; Bing ; Yahoo etc.

Sometime ago a man wrote in his pamphlet and said “there are no one thousand year literal reign of Jesus Christ on earth”. One should go and inform him that during the war of Armageddon, the Bible explained that “An Angel came down from heaven with a great chain in his hand, and laid hold on Satan, and cast him into the Bottomless Pit and sealed it, that he should deceive the people or the nations no more till the thousand years were expired. And when the thousand years were expired, Satan shall be loosed from his prison” Rev. 20:3.
It is an indication of what must come to pass after the Rapture and immediately after the war of Armageddon here on earth, whether you believe it or not. And since the Bible has documented it, it must surely come to pass. How do you interpret the passage that says that an Angel came down from heaven and laid hold on Satan and cast him into the Bottomless Pit? This will be done before the commencement of the millennial reign. And the passage also says that “he should deceive the nations no more”. Satan shall not be allowed to operate in the Government of Jesus Christ or during his reign. Satan is still working now, he has not been stopped.

This would come to pass immediately after the war of Armageddon. But Rapture takes place or occurs before the war of Armageddon. This man also denied that what the book of Rev.20:3 said that Christ would reign literally on earth is not true. He said that “the book of Rev.20:3 represent the present Church and that Christ is ruling spiritually as the millennial reign now. But now he is ruling in the kingdom of God which is the Church Rom.14:17, not the millennial reign”. We know that the book of Revelation has a three fold interpretation i.e

  1. The things which are. The things which “are” talks about what was happening at the time of writing the book of Revelation in the Roman kingdom. At that time the Lord wrote letters to the seven churches and was against some churches and their leaders, beliefs, characters or their actions. He told them what was happening presently with them. He was saying to them “I know where you are, what you are doing” and told some of them saying “I have something against you” etc.

  2. The things coming “shortly” were the events that would take up to “one” “two” “three”, “five”, “ten| years or more from that time before they happen. For example, the church at Smyrna was told that she would enter tribulation for 10 days Rev.2:8-10, which took place sometime afterwards. These are the things coming shortly from the time of writing.

  3. The things coming “hereafter” talks about the continuing programs which is for the last days. Others might not have taken place in the actual time called “last days”, but hereafter is specifically talking about our generation (the Last days). King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream of a statue which was standing from the earth and reaching to the heavens. And he was informed by Daniel in the interpretation of that dream about the program of the God of heaven. And that he was the head of the statue which was the head of gold Dan. 2:38. Daniel told him that these things were for the “latter days” or “the last days” or would take place hereafter Dan. 2:28-29.

Daniel in 2:29 specifically informed the king that the program would take place “hereafter” which agrees with that of Revelation 1:19; and 4:1. I don’t know how people study their Bible. If you are not called to enter the book of Revelation, please leave it alone. It is a strong part of the scriptures and goes hand in hand with the book of Daniel, because they are majorly end time books. You can see that Apostle John was invited to witness and to write what he saw. He reported all that he saw which some of them are not easy to understand, and we should not say anything just for saying sake.
The book of Rapture titled, “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future” has more of these programs and explained it in details, try and get it for yourself. It is loaded with information, it is inspiring, it is educative at the same time.

So the scriptures are firm in the declaration that Jesus shall reign for a literal one thousand years here on earth. It is in the programs of God from the beginning of the world to the end of it. It is not a program which started anyhow or anew. That writer was saying that “the proponents of that concept are suggesting that Christ was a failure in his first coming, which would make him to go back to heaven and reorganize himself for a revenge on his second coming”. Brother, it is not true, instead it is in God’s program that it should take place that way. Do you not remember that prophet Isaiah called him “a lamb taken to the slaughter and before her sharers is dumb” Isa. 53:7, why? What does that mean? It means he would not fight as the natural lamb does not fight. A lamb when she is taken to the slaughter would be seeing all who have come to share her parts, she would see their knives, but would not open her mouth, and Jesus fulfilled it that way.

So in the first coming of the Lord, he fulfilled the prophecy of the Lamb. He will equally fulfill the prophecy of the Lion in his second coming. He took it to himself “as the Lion of the tribe of Judah which had prevailed” in the book of Revelation 5:5. Don’t you remember how a Lion behaves? The strongest of all Pro.30:30, does not turn away from any other animal for fear. In his second coming, all others shall cry. This millennial reign shall be on world bases and the Headquarters will be at Jerusalem. Yea, even the church was born at Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost. The rest of the ungodly who were not part of the Rapture shall be under this rule.

And to the ungodly world the reign or rule of Christ shall be as one of an iron. Though the Bible did say “he shall rule them with the rod of iron”, so shall it seem to them, but to us it is our desire. Jesus’ reign shall be a peaceful one to the Saints but an iron one to the wicked people of the world. You know they love gift and bribery, but we hate it. They shall try to bribe a saint for one gain or the other, and when such gift is turned down, they shall complain of wickedness by the Saints. That’s the way they accuse us now.
Every Saint shall be in one office or the other. No ungodly shall be appointed for any office, no. That’s the time our appointment as ambassadors shall be effective in the whole world 2Cor.5:20. Yea, the Bible says if we fight with him, we shall reign with him also. But if we deny him, he will deny us also.
That man affirmed that Pre millennialism made the Lord a lair, that he plainly stated that “he would establish his kingdom in the lifetime of his contemporaries” Mark 9:1. And here he contradicts himself again. But when Jesus said “I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it” Matt. 16:18, the Church is the kingdom of God, not millennial. Pre millennialism does not make the Lord a liar, but it is in agreement with the Lord himself who said “I go to Prepare a place for you, and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself, that where I am, there you maybe also” Jon. 14:1-3. We are waiting his second coming, which shall usher into his millennial reign. It is that coming again that we are waiting for, and how could it be lie?

Oh people misunderstand the word badly. On his statement in the book of Mark 9:1, yes he made a statement saying, “there be some of you standing here, which shall not taste of death till they have seen the kingdom of God come to pass”. We are not talking about the kingdom of God, no, but the millennial rule. These are two different issues. It is here that people confiscate the word and mislead others. About the kingdom of God, Apostle Paul plainly stated that it is the church. He wrote to the Romans that “the kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost” Rom. 14:17. He traced meat and drink to the Babylonia kingdom where king Belshazzar brought up the vessels of the Lord, and was drinking in it with his lords and princes, with his wives and concubines. And where Daniel rejected the kings meat and drinks Dan. 1:1-10; 5:20-24. Brethren, Jesus shall literally reign for a thousand years, so says the Bible. But it has started yet. It will surely come, wait for it.
Thank you for staying with us.