THE MYSTERY OF THE SEVEN SEALS
                                 By Joseph Azubuike
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Find out what seals mean, who owns them and how they are used.
The Bible tells us about a book which is written on the front side and at the backside sealed with seven seals. And for clarity let us read from the scriptures, because Apostle John reported saying,
“And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the Throne a book written within and on the backside sealed with seven seals” Rev.5:1. The sealed book is what we believe today as the Bible in our hands. This Bible which is sealed with seven seals is therefore God’s program book given to us to look into and to live on. All of God’s programs from the beginning of the world to the end are in it. Of course prophet Isaiah says “he (God) knows the end from the beginning” 46:9-10.

Therefore we should know that this world has been programmed. And it is an indication that what we read in this program book are true and nothing is to be subtracted from it and nothing to be added to it. The programs are going just as they are set forth on daily bases, does it occur to you that way? Don’t be left out, we are living in the last days where the last world power America is ruling the world, surprised? See the book of Rapture for details. While the book is sealed with seven seals, some of our teachers have erred in interpreting the seals as ‘’the judgment of the Trumpet by the Angels’’. The reason is because they saw where Angels used Trumpets in the punishment of the world. It is an error to conclude all the programs of the seal that way. Instead the seals talk about ‘’God’s all time programs’’ with a special reference to the end. We don’t have to believe everything the Pre tribulation teachers says as true. We shall filter them.

You may ask “what is Pre tribulation”? It is the belief that the church would not enter the great tribulation or see the antichrist. Although this is the popular belief, but the statement of their view is not true. I request that you obtain this eBook titled “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future’’, in it you will understand the truth. The seal is understood to work more in the end time programs of God, judging from Apostle Paul’s writing to Timothy. Paul in writing to Timothy said “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knoweth them that are his. And let everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity’’ 2Tim. 2:19 Kjv. He says God knows his own, how? It means God seals his own people on their foreheads and with this seal, he identifies them wherever they are. Therefore the seal is the container of God’s programs. But it works more at the end of time. Every seal opened has something to display for the world, read as I unfold them one after the other. They are seven in number with different programs.

Of course the Devil/Satan will seal his people upon their foreheads at the time of the great tribulation, even now he has started sealing them with 666 and other Marks. The Bible warns about those who receives the Mark of the Beast on their forehead or at the hand, saying they shall drink the cup of God’s wrath without mixture Rev. 14: 9-10. Again the Bible says that Satan himself shall be thrown into the Bottomless Pit and sealed before the millennium begins Rev. 20:1-3.
So the seal does not only talk about judgment, it encompasses all of God’s end time events. We are going to see what Apostle John wrote to the Church in his Revelation. This time about the opening of the seal, let’s read Rev. 6: 1-2, in the first seal.

“And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four Beasts saying come and see. And I saw and behold a white horse; and he that sat on him had a bow, and a crown was given unto him, and he went forth conquering and to conquer’’ Rev. 6:1-2 Kjv.
This report is very strong and a mystery, not many preachers could venture to interpret it because you are warned not to say what you don’t understand. It is explained in details in the book of Rapture, please obtain it for more explanations.
Pre tribulation teachers and believers could not interpret these passages of scripture but avoids it totally, why? There is no understanding of what the place is talking about. These passages of scriptures are talking about the ‘’conquerors of the world’’. Who went out at the opening of the first seal and conquered the world each. They were five in number, read about them in that book of Rapture.
Now let me give you their names, but you will read about their activities in that book. They were 1. Nebuchadnezzar, 2. Cyrus, 3. Alexander the great. 4 Octavius or Augustus Caesar, 5. Jesus of Nazareth. These were conquering and to conquer. One would conquer his neighbor at the end of his tenure, and the other would conquer him after his time also. That was the law of seal one, ‘’conquering and to conquer’’. And Jesus had to conquer all or (overcame) all at last Jon. 16:33.
So to only interpret the seal as the judgment of the Trumpets by the Angels is both an error, and a misleading of the people of God. In the first seal where the conquerors of the world appeared, this seal was closed with Jesus’ ascension Acts. 1:9-11. Each seal has opening and closing events. Jesus said ‘’I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it’’ Matt. 16:18.
He did not build or establish the church while alive, but he trained people who were the foundation members and which were used by the Holy Spirit on the inauguration of the church. But the program was still on till the opening of the second seal where the church was born. Therefore the first seal was for conquerors to start or open the end time programs of God.
The second seal is talking about the birth of the Church of Christ at Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost. The church of Jesus Christ was inaugurated on the day of Pentecost by the coming of the Holy Spirit Acts.2:1-47. The Holy Ghost descended after 50 days of Jesus’ resurrection according to the Law of Moses Lev. 25:8-10. The day of Pentecost is the day or year of Jubilee or freedom, so we are free to serve God with love. The Bible says ‘’Jesus was the end of the law’’ Rom. 10:4, and the church would not operate with law but grace. And since Jesus’ time ended with the law, therefore the Spirit would establish the church on the day of freedom or Pentecost.
From that day the Host Spirit took over from where Jesus stopped and since then, he has been here. And immediately he took over, he as (God) started speaking expressly about the latter or last days I Tim. 4; 2Tim. 3. This brings to our remembrance about the truth on the Godhead, which is 1. The father, 2. The Son and 3. The Holy Spirit Col. 1:19; 2:9, each of these members introduced or said one thing or the other in the Bible as God. Every bit of the sayings of the Spirit are here with us daily and before our eyes. So the second seal was talking about the birth of the Church at Jerusalem.
Rev. 6:5-6
The third seal reveals the Birth of the Nation of Israel in 1948. In Acts. 1:6, the disciples knowing that Jesus had conquered death by his resurrection, they thought he would be very powerful to fight a war and restore Israel, they asked him saying ‘’will thou at this time restore the kingdom to Israel’’? He told them that ‘’it is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his power’’ Acts. 1:7. Israel was restored as a nation in 1948. They were in captivity for over a thousand years beside the Egyptian experience. From the hands of Assyria to Babylon, from Babylon to Persia, from Persia to Greece, from Greece to Rome where Jesus appeared and conquered Rome and all together. The book of Rapture has all these programs from Egypt to America.
At that time the whole world was under ruler-ship of Rome including Israel, which was the reason they asked for restoration. This Empire belonged to Octavius or Augustus Caesar Lk.2: 1-7. Rome at that time was the sixth world power, according to the order of conquerors of the world. Rome was in power before his birth and after his death. The disciples wanted to know if he could restore Israel from Rome to have their freedom from their domination. But in God’s program, they were to stay under Rome till the actual time of the last days set in. And so from that time to 1948, a gap period of about 1900 years had existed. God does his thing when it pleases him, nobody or event puts him under pressure. The man Jacob/Israel prophesied about what would happen to Israel at the last days Ge.49:1-2. God began to watch for the last days for Israel to manifest and in 1948, it came to pass and they were granted independence by the United Nations. Read the rest of the third seal activity from the book of Rapture. Let’s go to the fourth seal.
Rev. 6:7-8
The fourth seal is the seal of the Beasts otherwise called ‘’antichrist’’. The antichrists were transferred from the first seal Rev. 6:1-2 to the fourth seal Rev.6:7-8, after the formation of the Beasts. Read it in the book of Rapture, that book is highly loaded with information. The Beast will appear to the world when the fourth seal is opened, and it is the seal to be opened any moment from now, so be you prepared for the battle.Except you will kill yourself before then, you are going nowhere. And since you have not left the world before now, what are you waiting for? You should get the real knowledge of the event to avoid being misled in the way. This is why we said it is totally wrong to say the seal is talking only about the judgment of the Trumpets by the Angels.
Actually there is a section of the seal where the Angels are to function, but the seal contains the whole end time programs from the beginning of the world to the end. In the seventh seal (Rev.8) is where the Angels shall be given power to demonstrate their authority over the wicked. That’s the beginning of the wrath of God. All end time events are embedded in the seal programs. Be warned! Be born again by inviting Jesus into your heart to stay today, this is your hope of glory Col.1:27.
From the fourth seal to the sixth seal, Satan shall seal his own people upon their foreheads as well as on their hands Rev. 13:16-18. You can see different functions of the seals that it does not only talk about the judgment of the Trumpet by the angels, no. Instead, the seals reveals God’s plans from stage to stage to the end of the world. The fourth seal shall use the antichrist to enter the fifth seal. He shall operate fully in the fifth seal, it is not enough to say ‘’I don’t believe it’’, only the knowledge of the truth shall tell. Are you seeing different functions of the seal?
In the fourth seal which is the seal to be opened any moment from now is where Israel shall hear their own Gospel. Have you not heard from those who had visited Israel that they do not call Jesus as ‘’Lord’’. As at now Israel is saying that Jesus is not God but our brother. They even query you saying ‘’are you worshipping him’’? They shall call him Lord when they hear it from the mouth of Moses and from Elijah, the two olive trees Rev.11:3-7. See book of Rapture.
Rev. 6:9-11.
The fifth seal is the seal of the great tribulation. Are there evidences? Yes! It is in this seal that people were beheaded for the word of God and for their testimonies which they held fast. When they enquired about how long it would take God to avenge for their blood upon the people of the world, they were told to exercise patience so that the number of their brethren who should be killed as they were had been completed Rev. 6:9-11. Read the scriptures quoted here for the truth it reveals. Those who shall be beheaded are Christians, because they are found all over the whole world, from every language, every kindred, and from every country of the world. Yes, because the program is a world event, not only for Israel according to Pre tribulation teaching, that’s an error. The problem with our brethren who believe that Rapture shall take place before the antichrist appears is that they do not understand what Jesus taught concerning this event. Jesus called it war between two kingdoms, read it well in LK.14:31-32 and in the “general commentary” section of the book of Rapture with title
“Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”.
In the fifth seal, Christians were questioning God and saying ‘’how long O God, Holy and True, does thou not judge the people of the world for our blood, and avenge us’’? They were told to rest for a little season until the number of their fellow brethren who shall be killed as they were are completed’’ Rev. 6:9-11. This is actually the seal of the great tribulation, don’t be confused at all about it. If you are not ready for this war, try your very best to leave this world before the next two years, don’t mind if you are given about thirty years more. Leave the world because almost the tools which antichrist shall use are here, and you are using some of them already, only few remains. Get the knowledge in the book of Rapture “window Old and New”.

When the Bible is interpreted in the right order, people will be happy and be knowledgeable enough to stand out for God, no matter what it might take. But when it is misinterpreted, people are misled. When Jeremiah prophesied that the whole land of Israel and Judah shall be a desolation for seventy (70) years Jer. 25:11-12, some people who believed they better than him attacked him with false prophecy of freedom Jer.28:1-4. There had been foolish majority of people and they had not won many of the cases as far as God is concerned. Majority of the people believed the false prophets and told Jeremiah that they would not believe him Jer.44:16. But at the end of the day God told Jeremiah to go and prophecy to that false prophet Hannaniah, that he would die that same year for misleading the people Jer. 28:15-17. So follow me to the real knowledge of the seven seals.
Do you not see how the seal program are taking effect from one seal to the other? Are the Angels operating in these seals? No! The two olive trees shall be killed in the opening of the fifth seal to characterize its opening, read the book of Rapture. The killing of the saints shall lead to the Rapture of the Church in the sixth seal, let’s go over to the sixth seal.
Rev. 6:12-13.
Why are the seals revealing different events from each other? It shows different programs of God which had been neglected by those who propose to run away from God’s ordained events drafted for the church. Therefore the sixth seal is the seal of Rapture, how? Watch the seal Remnants four to seven blog in this site. You will discover that the seals are opened according to their numbers. And the seal of Rapture is the sixth seal before the wrath of God which is the seventh seal and the last seal. The seal of Rapture shall be ushered in with an earthquake, read the Rapture event in the book of Revelation 6:12-13, and Matt. 24:29-31.
There are many reasons for the Rapture to take place in the sixth seal, let’s survey them one after the other.
1. Six is the number of man’s creature Gen.1:26.
2. Six days shalt thou man work Ex. 20:9.
3. Israel built the sixth Altar Gen. 35:1. Do you want more?
4. The seed of Abraham suffered six troubles according to Job’s prophecy 5:19
5. Six days shall thou labour Ex. 20:9
6. The message was delivered to Mary in the sixth month Lk. 1:26
Read about others in the book of Rapture. The sixth seal is the seal of Rapture. All the events of the great tribulation would have come to the end as Jesus said Matt.24:13. It is here in the fifth seal that Jesus shall shorten the days Matt. 24:22. The teachers of Pre tribulation belief and others say, ‘’we shall not enter into the great tribulation’’, which is the war we shall fight. If they deny it, the Bible says ‘’if they deny God, he remains faithful and shall also deny them’’. We shall be taken up in the Rapture in this seal, and then comes the war of Armageddon. Watch to see its post in this blog.
We shall end this post with the sixth seal where man will be taken up in a Rapture into heaven, and the seventh seal is the seal of wrath. We shall discuss it in a different Post because it is a deadly seal. It is where the Angels shall blow their Trumpets. Now you have knowledge of what the seals are and how God is using them. Contact me through my email if you have any further questions, or obtain the book of Rapture, God bless. Please at the end tell if you would help to sponsor the book of Rapture to get printed in paper so that people can handle it at hand. Always come here to obtain a better knowledge and understanding of scriptural views.
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