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There is a great desire among the members of the Church of Christ to know the truth on the queen of heaven. Some denominations have claimed the efficacy of the queen and used it to intimidate others as they use the queen in their prayers. Today God is leading me to educate the people properly on the topic about the queen of heaven. Many times people especially Christians do not argue on such topics that concern heaven and so they swallow many erroneous views. Therefore sit back and enjoy the topic, we shall do justice to it.

Uncle, there is serious trouble about the queen of heaven here on earth. We hear some people using it in their prayers, and asking us why do we forsake our mother, what do you say? Listen to what our senior brother and Uncle Jerry has for us. ‘’who do they call the queen of heaven’’? With this question alone, something is registered in your heart about the queen of heaven, is it not true? Our reply, they call Mary the mother of Jesus as the queen of heaven. Uncle Jerry replies, ‘’here in heaven there is nothing and nobody with such a name or title, but how did they form that’’? However read my book, it was one of the issues that made God to be wrought with his people during my days on earth. They worshipped this queen under every green tree and they worshipped every image as the queen of heaven.

Jeremiah continued ‘’Go to the seventh Chapter of my book and read about my problem with Israel and what God said about the queen of heaven’’. ‘’The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger’’ Jer. 7:18.
If you did understand what you read, what did God say to Jeremiah about it? All the family members of one family (a reference to Israel as a family) were involved in the service to the queen of heaven which provoked God to make him angry. The children, the fathers and the mothers were all involved in the service to the queen of heaven. It means that the service to the queen of heaven is or was service to other gods. Does this therefore suggest to you that heaven has a queen, since the service to this queen annoyed God? But in spite of God’s warnings through Jeremiah, the people informed him that they would not obey his word from the Lord Jer.44:16. Are you surprised? This is why some people will not take God’s own servants serious. Yes because at times the services to these gods involves eating of meat and drinking of wine, considering Nebuchadnezzar and his grandson Belshazzar, the last king of Babylon. Nevertheless neither does God forbid his servants from eating meat and drinking wine, no.

The services to these gods were part of the sins that made God to send Israel into captivity to Babylon 2kgs.24. When the Northern Israel was cast into Assyria for the same offence, God after some time began to ask Jeremiah saying ‘’have you seen Jeremiah what backsliding Israel has done’’? That is, how they have gone upon every high mountain and upon every green tree to serve other gods. And he cast them out and divorced them, by sending them to Assyria. He said Judah saw it but went ahead and did the same thing Jer.3:6-8. When Judah saw how God punished the Northern side of Israel and still worshipped those gods, they were cast into Babylon with Northern Israel at the same time as a measure to punishing them.

The women were more vocal in answering Jeremiah saying ‘’since we made cakes and poured out drink offerings to the queen of heaven, did we do it without our men’’? This meant that their husbands were in support and also involved in the act of the service to the queen of heaven verse 19. The question therefore is, who is this queen of heaven since heaven does not have a queen? It is important to know who is or was this queen which the people of worshipped in the days of Jeremiah.

The queen of heaven was believed to be ‘’Semiramis’’ the wife of Nimrod, the self-proclaimed Sun-god of Babylon. This man was the son of Ham, the son of Noah Gen. 10:6. He was the first to have a kingdom Gen.10:10 and who led the world into the first rebellion against God with the building of the Tower of Babel. Nimrod was unable to have a son through his wife Semiramis and died. His wife became a whore and got Pregnant later, she delivered a son and named him Tammuz Ezk. 8:14. Semiramis went further to inform her idolatrous world that her dead husband was reborn. From here the belief of ‘’re-incarnation’’ as a belief was established.

Don’t forget that the Bible recorded that every abomination in the world has its root from Babylon Rev. 17:3-5. That’s why you see it written ‘’Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth’’ Kjv. Every evil has its root from Babylon which went through all the kingdoms of the Beast to rest at Rome, the fourth Beast and the sixth world power. Read more details from my eBook with title, ‘’Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the future’’. A well-arranged book teaching Rapture from Genesis to Revelation. Get more information from the book on end time events.

The queen of heaven caused more troubles in the days of both Jeremiah and in the days of Ezekiel. God told prophet Ezekiel who answered his call as a prophet in Babylon, being one of the captives Ezk.1:1, to see what the people were doing. Where women were weeping for Tammuz who was slain for being ‘’a deceitful Deity’’. His mother Semiramis did not only say that Tammuz was Nimrod reborn, but she went ahead committing sexual immorality with her son Tammuz. She claimed that since her husband was reborn, she could do anything with him because he was her husband. She went further to deny being a widow. She said ‘’I’m not a widow’’ Rev. 18:7.

You might wonder how what happened in the days of Babylonia rebellion in the book of Genesis came over to the Roman kingdom. If you read the book of Rapture, you will see how these world powers overthrew themselves to reach the Roman kingdom, when the book of Revelation was written, from around AD 90 onwards. Each kingdom which assassinated the other would collect all documents from that kingdom and transfer them to their own kingdom, even the world headquarters just like you have the headquarters of the world now in US. The book of Rapture from me is highly loaded, and inspiring as you read it. It is ma must read for all people, but especially for the believers in Christ.
WHO CLAIMED TO BE THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN? At that time of the first Babylonia Empire, Semiramis the wife of Nimrod claimed to be queen, otherwise the moon while her husband Nimrod was the Sun. The moon was the female goddess as the Sun was the male god. This belief travelled all the way from Babylon to Persia, from Persia to Greece, from Greece to rest at Rome. Rome being the fourth member of the Beast family was where all the end time program rested or ended. Read the eBook of Rapture to discover this truth. As Rome continued with this belief, they inculcated it into their religion and changed Semiramis of Babylon to Mary the mother of Jesus in other to attract support from the Christian Community. But the Church being highly enlightened rejected this view from Rome. The worship of the queen of heaven was one of the issues at stake in Jeremiah’s ministry in Judah. God said they made him to be angry, read

“Thus saith the Lord of host, the God of Israel, you have seen the evil I have brought upon Jerusalem and upon all the cities of Judah, and behold this day they are a desolation and no man dwelleth therein. Because of their wickedness which they have committed to provoke me to anger, in that they have gone to burn incense and to serve other gods whom they knew not, neither they, ye nor your fathers. Howbeit I sent unto you all my servants the prophets, rising early and sending them saying. Oh do not this abominable thing that I hate” Jer.44:2-4 kjv.

You can see from the above passages that God was against the worship of the queen of heaven. If you think you are doing God a service or that you are respecting the mother of Jesus with this worship as the queen of heaven, I counsel you now to desist. It means that heaven has no queen. The queen of heaven by this standard is nothing but idolatry worship. This worship is given to Demons and not to God. Of course Rome was greatly known to worship and serve idols. When they destroyed the Church through the Emperors, because they were prophesied to “trample the residue with the feet of it” Dan.7:7, i.e. the Church. They brought these idols out from the bush and gave them Christian names. One is Peter, the other is Paul. Then the wife of Nimrod Semiramis was also changed with Mary. Yet all the practices and beliefs of Babylon remains the pattern of Rome.

When the Emperors were killing the Church in the Roman persecution, they came to a point that they got tired because persecution could not stop the Church, instead, allowing the Church freedom could lead her to compromise. Nevertheless we are able to continue as God brought Dr. Martin Luther in the 16th Century to reform the Church again. But honestly the Church was not in place for a period of about over a thousand years. Of course Jesus had earlier prophesied that “the gates of Hell which was Rome could not prevail against it” Matt.16:18. By the time Rome established their own church about over three hundred years the Church of Christ was established in Jerusalem, they claimed to be the first Church. And if you say no, they remind you that it was Dr. Martin Luther who was formally a Priest with them that went out and started the one we are seeing today. But the Bible talks of the prophecy of Jesus saying “I will establish my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it”. Also the record showed that the Emperors of Rome were trampling on the residue of the people of the Sanctuary in Daniel 7:7. So after establishing their own Church, they used the queen of heaven which was a Demon for the mother of Jesus Christ our lord. Jeremiah’s book practically revealed that God was angry at the worship of the queen of heaven by the people of Judah in his days. Could we now believe that God did that in the Old Testament but now welcomes the queen of heaven in the New Testament? No not at all. God is unchangeable. The God of the Old Testament is still the same God over the New Testament. Heaven has no queen.
We as the Church have deep respect and honour for Mary the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we do not worship her because she was a human being. She was just an instrument in the hands of God to bring Jesus into the world. No human being should be worshipped otherwise it becomes an abomination before God. Even the Bible commands that honour should be given to whom it is due. But no human should be worshipped because worship belongs to God only. Don’t forget that even Jesus never called her mother, instead he called her “woman” Jon.19:26-27. So we are not deceived with just calling Mary our mother, she is not our mother. All human beings have instruments in the hands of God, he could use anyone at any time to do a work or accomplish a purpose. Even the Devil is his servant which is used to do what is wrong. When the Psalmist said “evil shall slay the wicked and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate” Ps.34:21. Satan is the servant that is in use to slay the wicked, i.e those who hate the righteous people of God.

Even in her lifetime she was a humble servant of Jesus Christ. She was not found in pomposity, instead she was a worshipper of Jesus Christ. She was among the 120 who were commanded to wait in Jerusalem for the promise of the father Acts. 1:4-8. She was there on the day the Holy Ghost descended at the upper room and was among those who were baptized by the Holy Spirit. Nobody therefore should try to confuse the Church, any way we have grown above the games of Satan. Paul said “we are not ignorant of his devices” 2Cor.2:11. So brethren we don’t have queen in heaven, the queen of heaven according to the Bible is a Demon and a human “Deity” Semiramis of Babylon. Let it not pain you we don’t have a queen in heaven.
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