As Simon was eating with his brother Steve As Simon was eating with his brother Steve AS SIMON WAS EATING WITH HIS BROTHER STEVE

There were two young brothers who were born to one Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Ukwuegbu, of Ajaelu village in Imo State of Nigeria. The first born was Simon who is about 13 years and the second son is Steve who is about ten years. Mr and Mrs. Ukwuegbu are Christians to the core. They usually teach their children to love themselves because they are brothers. But in spite of this teaching, children are children. It would take some of them to grow to a certain stage before they could begin to know or take this teaching to heart.

Though there are some children who start from cradle to understand things very easily. While it will take some a reasonable number of years before they begin to grasp the knowledge of life. Simon and his brother Steve are that type of children that stay up to 20 years and above before they could begin to love themselves as brothers. Their Parents while teaching them would like to put the teaching into practice. Many times in which they tried to make them eat together as brothers proved abortive.

On this fateful day their Mother Mrs. Tina Ukwuegbu decided that she would make sure they eat together today. As she cooked one of Africa’s best food called ‘’fofoo’’. It used to be rolled into bulbs and dipped in soup before you swallow it, because we Africans swallow some foods like fofoo. I too likes to eat it. She prepared a very nice soup to match, guess now,’’Okro soup’’. This soup used to help fofoo travel easily through the throat to your stomach. If you are handy enough to put dried stock fish into it, the smell and the aroma would travel a long way out of your house, and even passers bye who are on the road would raise their noses to inhale the aroma.

So was the issue on that day, and Mrs. Tina after the preparation put the fofoo for them in their plates, and called for them to come and eat. They came and carried their food each. But Tina knowing that they have not really been matured enough, that they may fight while eating the food, she divided it between them.  But she put Simon’s fofoo in a different plate as well as Steve’s, but they would use one plate of soup together. She wanted to see how they would manage their food that day.  After dividing this food this way, she watched them eat a while and she left them.

Meanwhile there was a Pet Dog which they called ‘’Lion’’. Each time they were eating, this lion would sit beside them watching. When Simon put his hand into the plate to take his fofoo, Lion would look down and when he draws the soup and put his hand to his mouth to swallow his fofoo, Lion would look also up again. So this was going on with the Lion for many days until this day. Yet it appeared that the Dog was planning on what to do whenever they were eating together.  And as soon as  Simon put his hand to collect his soup with his fofoo, the plate containing the soup shifted towards Simon’s front. And Steve was amazed because of what Simon had done. Steve thought that Simon wanted to claim the soup alone. In fact, he didn’t like it.

And when Steve saw what happened, he was not happy because he thought that Simon is trying now to own the whole soup alone. He therefore drew back the plate of soup to the center with such a speed that the soup nearly poured out of the plate to the ground. And Simon observed how Steve drew back the plate and he also was not happy with Steve.

Now Steve was to collect his own soup and Simon was watching, when he would be collecting his own soup from the same plate. Again the plate of soup shifted towards Steve’s front also. They never knew it was usual for the plate to shift that way because the object of fofoo would shift the plate containing the soup at each other’s collection.

This time the Dog Lion was sitting there and watching them eating their food, and none of them remembered that the Lion was there. But Simon has got to reply Steve by drawing the plate of soup with speed as he did earlier. As soon as Steve dipped his fofoo to collect his soup, the plate normally shifted to his front.

Then Simon tried to draw back the soup with speed to the center, he used a faster and heavier way than the way Steve did it at first in drawing back the plate of soup to the center. Unknowingly to Simon, the soup poured out of the plate to the ground. Then one piece of meat out of the two in their soup fell on the ground at the same time.

Guess what! Lion which was sitting and watching them for a long time rose up and rushed the meat immediately. And Steve told Simon that the piece of meat which Lion is eating is yours, and Simon said, it is a lie. Steve said to Simon, you are the one who caused the meat to fall on the ground, and Simon said, but you started it. Steve knowing that Simon would use his authority on him as the first born, and would also beat him, he watched Simon when he would draw the soup again, because by and by, the plate of soup must shift.

When Simon drew his soup again, the plate shifted and this time Steve would retaliate. He also used a greater and faster speed to draw the plate to the center, so then the remaining piece of meat in the soup fell to the ground and Lion also rushed it the second time.  Although Lion had not finished the first meat, behold the second one. Thus, as the second meat fell to the ground, Simon’s anger grew hot against his brother Steve. And he beat him well and his crying attracted their mother who now came and was dumbfounded.

Mrs. Tina saw where Lion was enjoying the pieces of meat she put for her children. When she enquired of what happened, Simon said it was Steve and Steve said it was Simon. That was how Simon and his brother Steve lost their two pieces of meat to their Pet Dog Lion, which was sitting quietly watching. And an adage says ‘’a Patient Dog eats the fattest bone’’. But this time it is no longer bone but real meat which was meant for the children in the house.

From that day on Mr. and Mrs. Ukwuegbu separated their children from eating together saying, ‘’when you grow up to understand yourselves, we will then allow you to realize what have done today. So as Simon and his brother Steve were eating their food, they never knew that the two pieces of meat in their soup was not their own, but that it belongs to their Pet Dog, Lion.

This was a real life story of two brothers when they were still young. in such cases, when they grow up, some of them never agree that they behaved like this at their younger stage.

God bless.