Happy Risen Lord


On that day when Jesus was crucified, they branded him names. They used his words to accuse him. When he said ”destroy this Temple and in three days I will build it again”, which the Bible said it was the Temple of his body, they did not understand it.

The kingdom of Darkness had been making wonderful efforts to discredit our lord. Every word which spoke was misunderstood and it was used for his accusation. The Jews were so blind as to reject him as their king, well, it was prophesied that they were under blindness Rom. 11:25. This is the area which we are looking at, and we must put some considerations in their behalf.

The Devil after making sure of his death never knew that he would still rise from the dead. So all efforts were geared towards making sure he never rise.  But after all these things, they went to Pilate to demand a seal of his grave so that his disciples would not come by night and steal his body from the grave and claim that he has risen Matt.27:62-66. Pilate granted them to seal it the way it pleased them. Not only that they sealed his grave, they employed the services of the military to keep watch over his tomb.

But at the fullness of time, only one Angel appeared and all the Soldiers began to sleep Halleluya! This Angel rolled away the Stone and the Lord rose up and left. Who can battle with the Lord? Nobody. He didn’t even talk to the Soldiers nor woke them from their sleep. When they observed that they had failed, they organized a group to tell lies that while the Soldiers slept, his disciples came and took his body away.

We laugh and laugh again, that Soldiers were sleeping and civilians stole away what they were watching for.
The empty tomb is our hope, and the risen Lord gives us more confidence that we are not wasting our time. Happy risen Lord.